Affinity at Serangoon: Condo Launch, More Agents Recruitment with small rise in Employment

Affinity at Serangoon @ Serangoon North Estate and Serangoon Gardens (Formerly Serangoon Ville, Enbloc)

Affinity at Serangoon, an upcoming residential area at Serangoon North, located in the northeastern part of Singapore was successfully acquired by Oxley Holdings for S$499 million. (See: Former HUDC estate Serangoon Ville sold en bloc for $499 million) The old Serangoon Ville enbloc is a 244 unit development features three blocks of 13-storey and four blocks of four-storey walk-up apartments.

The Oxley-led CONSORTIUM includes Oxley that takes up a 40 percent stake in the consortium; the balance is equally split among Lian Beng Group, Unique Invesco Pte Ltd and Apricot Capital. Unique Invesco is a 37.5 percent indirect associate of KSH Holdings; Apricot is the private investment firm of Super Group’s Teo family. The consortium also has to pay $195 million in estimated charges to top up the lease to 99 years and intensify the land use.

Oxley Holdings Limited

Information on Enbloc of Serangoon Ville that will transform into Affinity at Serangoon.

In July 25th, 2017, the tender was closed and a total of 5 competitive bids were received with prices well above the owners’ asking price. More than 80 percent of the owners agreed for an en bloc sale, which resulted in the property to put up for sale. After the sale is completed successfully, and conditions met, each owner will receive about S$2 million for their property. As usual, before the project launch announcement, it has to undergo some pending government paperwork and clearance from the authorities for a full go-ahead. As of now, Oxley Holdings has officially announced the name to be Affinity @ Serangoon. This new Condo launch in Singapore is expected to build great hype and excitement since it is located in a premium matured estate.

Since the CONSORTIUM leading this project is a major player in the industry, there is hardly an occasion when an obstacle has stopped or delayed a project as massive as this. Affinity @ Serangoon will be built with the family in mind and will consist of approximately 1052 units, with strata landed and 5 commercial shops. Featuring units with a variety of 1br to family-sized units, most of the units will be north-south facing and enjoy convenience and amenities in Serangoon North mature estate.

According to sources, this new development of the Affinity @ Serangoon condo is calculated to feature a land rate of $835 per sq ft per plot ratio. Oxley has been famous for developing luxurious condos and units for residential purposes and it is highly likely that this project will also be fully developed for a luxurious unit, resembling most of Oxley’s significant projects. Right now, the Affinity at Serangoon Prices are still being determined.

Short History of Serangoon North Estate where Affinity at Serangoon is located.

Nex Shopping Centre

Serangoon Gardens was formerly a residential estate for the British (and some Australian and New Zealand) soldiers and airmen, where some of them were based in the nearby RAF (Royal Air Force) Chia Keng Camp, until the early seventies.

The name Serangoon is likely to be derived from burong ranggoon, referring to a species of black and white stork that lives around Sungei Serangoon (formerly called Rangoon River). Satu, or one in Malay, was added to the name, thus becoming Saranggoon. This name was used for a long period of time before it eventually evolved to Serangoon. During the Japanese Occupation, large plots of flower farms were cultivated in this region, leading to the naming of the estate as Serangoon Gardens.

URA Masterplan For Developing Serangoon Where Affinity at Serangoon is

The site is within URA’s Serangoon Planning area. Comparative developments in the area include Kensington Park, Affinity @ Serangoon by Oxley Holdings. Slightly further to the East will be Terrasse. There has been a drought for new condominium launches in the estate and so Affinity @ Serangoon will together with Keppel and Wingtai The Garden Residences will rejuvenate and revitalise the entire area and neighbourhood, the value of the estate will be raised and tremendous amounts of activities and vitality will be injected into the estate.

URA Masterplan Serangoon

Important Breakdown and Preview of Affinity at Serangoon

Let’s look at the compelling reasons to select Affinity @ Serangoon as your investment property and choice. Our developer team has a breakdown and you may refer to Affinity @ Serangoon Prices here.

  • Good Roads and Transport Connectivity
  • Nearby Good Local and International School
  • Centralized Location and Minutes to Town, Harbourfront, Central Business District and also South Marina Bay
  • Near to Amenities such as NEX and Food Haunts such as Chomp Chomp Food Centre.
  • Strong Tenant Base with expected expatriate demand from Lycee Francais de Singapour
  • Strong Tenant Base from Surrounding Business Parks such as Amk Industrial Park and Serangoon North Industrial Estate
  • Great for Families looking for a home near good schools and strong amenities
  • Luxurious Living and Fittings

Hype and Launch of Affinity at Serangoon: What’s Next?

Since the official launch of Development name, Affinity @ Serangoon was just announced on 15th May 2018, we expect a hype build up as we continue to provide the latest news and updates. More importantly, the E-brochures, floor plans, and site plan will be crucial to determining the value of this Condominium at Serangoon North.

It is important to note that former HUDC estates, which tend to be huge under-built swathes of land, have featured strongly in this year’s list of awarded collective sales, with successful developers hoping to intensify the number of units by three to five times the existing capacity. This includes estates like Affinity @ Serangoon, and Riverfront Residence (formerly Rio Casa Enbloc).

If you would like to follow up on the updates of Affinity @ Serangoon, we highly recommend that you refer to the official site source here: Early preview usually means you get access to early information that can help with decision making on the purchase of Condominiums in Singapore. Subsequently, you should base your decision on the floor plan layout and sizes – PSFs are important but the layout is equally important, so be sure to make informed decisions and do your due diligence before any purchase!

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Park Colonial Condo at Woodleigh Lane, Employment Rises.

This new apartment developed as Park Colonial is situated at Woodleigh path will have one to five-room unit design arrangement. The whole square will have a couple of various facings where the front faces the Woodleigh MRT station and the back appearances the Woodleigh stop where the low-ascent landed property is arranged.

Inhabitants possessing the higher floors will have the capacity to appreciate the unhampered view in the prompt surroundings, for example, the greenery stop over the road. The draft site design of the recreation centre frontier apartment suite includes a full suite of brilliant offices for all the living occupants. It incorporates any semblance of swimming pool, kids pool, jacuzzi, clubhouse, workroom, flame broil pits, open-air exercise centre and also topical patio nurseries.

It gives an amazing lifestyle for every one of the inhabitants, notwithstanding when the improvement lies in the focal point of bidadari new towns and being ideal alongside Woodleigh MRT station. We are sure that future proprietors will have the capacity to value the unblocked beautiful perspectives from both neighbouring landed properties and the legacy walk which is over the road.

Should you feel lethargic to fly out and might want to have a social event with your companions, this stop provincial condominium will have you secured with all the prepared offices for your night party.

Bidadari URA Plan

Park Colonial by CEL Development Unique

A standout amongst the most discusses site as of late will soon be clearing a path for this townhouse development at Woodleigh path. It was sold to CEL Development Unique and will be created by Chip Eng Seng, Heeton Holdings and KSH Holdings.

Park Colonial at Woodleigh will unquestionably be the diamond inside the new bidadari new town when it is deliberately found ideal alongside the exceedingly looked for after Woodleigh underground railroad station.

Because of the to a great degree alluring area the site offers, it extraordinarily benefits the inhabitants of stop provincial when the real transport organize is arranged comfortable doorstep. Furnishing you with a consistent and effortless progress to and from work amid the morning as night surge hour.

By being a piece of the developing bidadari new town, stop frontier is inside toa payoh arranging region. A focal locale regularly touted as the following bishan put. You would be shocked and flabbergasted by the exponential potential this place has when the trip unfurls nearby you as you age effortlessly.

Schools around Park Colonial

Not to stress in the event that you think there will be a lack of schools in this new developing town as there are top schools situated inside the region, for example, Stamford American Intl School, Cedar Primary, Cedar Girls’ Secondary, St. Andrew’s Junior, St. Andrew’s Secondary, St. Andrew’s Junior College, Maris Stella High School (Primary and Secondary) for you to filter out when the ideal opportunity for enrolment enrollment comes.

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Expats: Rent a Flat or Condo? Here’s our guide.

For most expats, apartment suites are the most prevalent decision of convenience.

Progressively, be that as it may, numerous are wandering into the HDB heartlands to live among local people.

Likely the most renowned case is creator/funnyman Neil Humphreys. Initially from the UK, Humphreys lived in Toa Payoh in the 1990s and made due to tell the story. His encounters – frequently entertaining, in some cases touching – are chronicled in a few books, and accessible on Amazon.

Neil Humphreys’ Complete Notes from Singapore (Image Source: Amazon)

Be that as it may, for some Western expats, HDBs don’t significantly enlist on their radars as a result of the picture of open lodging. English national James Foreman, who works for advanced office Essence and lives in a HDB, says that a considerable lot of his expat companions live in apartment suites however none live in HDBs.

“Originating from the UK, the picture of open lodging is of regularly unnerving, shocking design where you will get wounded by kids wearing hoodies. Singapore isn’t assailed with genuine or nonexistent crowds of blade using kids, however it most likely requires a few people investment to acclimate to this,” he composes on Quora.

At that point there is the discernment that HDBs are not too outlined as townhouses. While this is consistent with some degree, there are numerous perfectly named HDBs that would put any apartment suite to disgrace. We discovered 10 such illustrations that you can respect here.

Leasing a HDB has numerous points of interest. All in all, not exclusively will you pay less in lease every month, you will likewise be bringing down your average cost for basic items.

For instance, while apartment suite upkeep charges for the most part go amongst $250 and $400 a month, HDB conservancy expenses once in a while surpass $200. Tanjong Pagar Town Council – which represents prevalent focal locale, for example, Tanjong Pagar, Tiong Bahru and Queenstown – demands a greatest of $160 for a 6-room gigantic level.

With regards to nourishment, HDB towns – particularly develop domains like Bedok, Bukit Merah and Toa Payoh – are adequately provided with ‘coffeeshops’, seller focuses and sustenance courts that offer shabby and top notch neighborhood nosh.

For the wellbeing cognizant, there are crisp organic product slows down, natural product juice stands and, progressively, plate of mixed greens bars. In the event that you require your fix of strength espresso or gourmet sandwich, a developing number of roasters and bistros are growing up in the heartlands.

Living among local people manages a quintessential Airbnb encounter, an opportunity to witness the buzzing about of every day life at the wet market, or brilliant works on amid religious celebrations. This is more or less genuine.

French-Indonesian flower specialist, Aude Girard, says that she appreciates living in Tiong Bahru in light of the fact that “It’s an area life (and it) has a craving for living in a little town. In addition, we wouldn’t fret not having any offices.”

She and her better half have lived in their 1,000 sq. ft. stroll up for a long time, and wouldn’t fret moving to another level when their present rent terminates. Notwithstanding, they are reluctant to leave the area. “Tiong Bahru forever!” she shouts.

Individual Tiong Bahru occupant Felix Pels, an Australian who works for promotion office Societal, says that “Living in Tiong Bahru isn’t care for anyplace else in Singapore. The thing that issues to me is the feeling of group here. On the off chance that I needed to live among a pack of ang mohs (Caucasians) at that point I could’ve remained at home.”


Blending sentimentality and contemporary living in Tiong Bahru

What’s more, there’s likewise a family association with the territory. “My granddad was sent over to cover the Malaya Emergency as a columnist in the 1950s. There are pictures of him in a Tiong Bahru stroll up simply like one I live in now. That association with the past does right by me to live in a similar zone that he was in.”

Presently, in the event that you are an open transport client, you will observe that HDB pads have a tendency to be marginally more available than townhouses. The LTA (Land Transport Authority) makes it a point to keep running no less than one transport benefit inside 400 m of a level, and in addition a transport benefit between a HDB neighborhood and an adjacent transport trade or MRT station. You can read more about this here.

In the event that you appreciate engaging or having visitors over on a regular premise, your visitors will think that its less demanding to visit you since they don’t need to battle with complex safety efforts that a few townhouses have. Being open spaces, HDB squares are available to all. Be that as it may, this does not mean they are not secure. CCTV cameras introduced at lift halls, lift arrivals and lift insides give some measure of security.

On the other hand, being open means there is a possibility it could be loud a result of human movement, particularly if your level is arranged along a typical hall. To measure the commotion level, visit the level you are thinking about leasing at various circumstances of the day. On the off chance that you are loath to clamor, or incline toward more protection, approach your lodging operator to search for a corner unit, or a unit with few others on a similar floor.

Be that as it may, if your way of life is arranged around exercises, for example, setting off to the rec center, swimming or sunbathing, HDBs are presumably not for you. Most HDB homes have pools and exercise centers, yet these are open spaces and can become busy on ends of the week and school occasions.

In the event that you’ve perused this far and still think apartment suites are a superior fit, look at our rundown of the most moderate condominium rentals at the present time. In the event that your financial plan is under $3,000 however you need a halfway found loft, these postings may have the capacity to enable you to out. Also, in the event that you need to make associations with kindred expats, here are five moderate apartment suites in territories well known among expats.

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Development firm staff accused of lodging 18 outside specialists in packed premises

A Singaporean man is confronting 18 charges for lodging 18 outside specialists from his organization in packed premises, said the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on Wednesday (Nov 8).

Li Dan’s organization, Shuang Lin Construction Pte Ltd, has likewise been accused of submitting false data in the Online Foreign Worker Address Service (OFWAS).

Li, 34, was charged on Oct 31 in the State Courts.

As indicated by MOM, Li, the company’s officer responsible for convenience for its outside labourers, masterminded them to be housed in stuffed premises at Upper Paya Lebar, MacPherson and Changi between October 2015 and July 2016.

The premises had surpassed the then-permitted inhabitance heap of eight tenants under the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s rules.

Shuang Lin was requested to move the influenced labourers to other endorsed convenience.

Independently, amongst March and April a year ago, the organization gave bogus locations of 22 outside specialists to the Controller of Work Passes in the OFWAS.

It announced that the specialists were remaining at Tuas South Avenue when they were most certainly not.

On the off chance that sentenced, Li faces a fine of up to $10,000 or potentially imprisoned up to a year for each charge. The organization could be fined up $20,000 on every one of the 22 charges it is confronting.

In its public statement, MOM asked remote labourers who have issues with their settlement to first raise the issue with their boss before looking for exhortation and help from the Migrant Workers’ Center on 6536 2692.

They can likewise report the issue to MOM on 6438 5122.

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